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The proposed Northern Pass Transmission Project will employ thousands of workers who will be spending time and resources in or near the 31 towns along the proposed 192-mile route during construction. Northern Pass will provide a business directory to each one of these workers. Add your business to this directory to be easily accessible to them. 

Who Benefits?

Businesses like local restaurants, lodging, hardware stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and other services. These businesses could see a significant economic boost from Northern Pass’ crews during this time. Next door in Maine, we’ve seen a transmission line project similar to Northern Pass, called the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), deliver major economic benefits for local communities and businesses. During MPRP’s construction, the project contributed an estimated $436 million to Maine’s Gross Domestic Product.

Many local New Hampshire business owners have experienced the economic stimulus of other major construction projects in the state. Hear their perspectives in these videos:

Rita Dube
Scott Labnon
Landon Placey

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