Concord, NH

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Concord, NH is located along the proposed route for the Northern Pass transmission (NPT) line, the transmission line in Concord will be:

  • Constructed in existing rights-of-way
  • 8.1 miles of overhead
  • 345-kV AC (alternating current)

Photo Simulations

Photo simulations were created to show what the Northern Pass line will look like from locations where people would potentially see it. These photo simulations were produced by Terrence J. DeWan & Associates, a professional landscape architecture and planning firm in Yarmouth, Maine, known for their work on visual impact assessments throughout New England.

Structure Heights

Proposed 345-kV: Minimum = 48 ft, Maximum = 125 ft, Most Common* = 100 ft
Existing Structures: Minimum = 28 ft, Maximum = 96 ft, Most Common* = 43 ft
Relocated Structures: Minimum = 42 ft, Maximum = 120 ft, Most Common* = 88 ft

*Most common structure height refers to the structure height occurring with the greatest frequency.

Annual Tax Benefits (estimated)*

NPT Property Value: $45 million
Estimated First Year Property Tax Payments (range**): $639,908 - $982,958 
City's 2014 Total Equalized Estimated Property Value: $4 billion
NPT's Percent of Total Property Value: 1%

* Actual taxes paid will depend on the Fair Market Value of NPT property in the community, government spending levels, other sources of revenue, and the tax base, over time.
 ** Ranges are based on the high and low of simulations using New Hampshire Department of Revenue reported actual equalized 2014 New Hampshire tax rates (municipal plus local education), tax base, and spending levels, and applying different growth rates, and a range for estimated NPT cost in each community.