Letter of Support for Northern Pass

The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) ended its discussion on Northern Pass in just 2 1/2 days and without deliberating on all of the criteria they were required to consider. Northern Pass will seek the SEC’s reconsideration, but we need our supporters to let Gov. Chris Sununu, Senate President Chuck Morse, and SEC Administrator Pam Monroe know there are many who are upset by this decision and want the SEC to reopen deliberations and reconsider its decision on the Northern Pass application.

By filling out the form below, you will send an email with the following text to Governor Sununu, c/o, jared.chicoine@osi.nh.gov, Senator Morse chuck.morse@leg.state.nh.us, and Pamela Monroe, Administrator, SEC Pamela.Monroe@sec.nh.gov.

In addition to using this automated process to contact the Governor, you should feel free to contact his office directly by phone, 603-271-2121, or Senator Morse at 603-271-8472, or the SEC at 603-271-2435.

Dear Gov. Sununu, Senator Morse, and Ms. Monroe,

I support Northern Pass and want New Hampshire to benefit from the lower energy costs, jobs, tax revenue, clean energy and $200 million Forward NH Fund this project will provide. We want the Committee to reconsider its decision and give Northern Pass a fair hearing, as required by New Hampshire law.

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