Project Overview

Northern Pass is a 192-mile transmission line project that will bring 1,090 megawatts (MW) of clean, affordable energy from Hydro-Québec’s world-class hydroelectric plants in Canada to New Hampshire and to the rest of New England.

To bring this energy to the region, the project will build a new direct current (DC) transmission line from the Canadian border to Franklin, NH, where a converter terminal will be built to convert the electricity from DC to alternating current (AC). From there, a new AC transmission line will carry the energy to an existing substation in Deerfield, NH and into New England’s electric grid.

The Northern Pass route was designed to address concerns we heard from New Hampshire residents about the possible impact the project could have on key scenic areas. The route today eliminates potential visual impacts in the White Mountain National Forest, the Franconia Notch area, the Rocks Estates area, and along the Appalachian Trail by placing an additional 52 miles of the route underground, for a total of 60 miles underground. Northern Pass will use 160 miles of existing transportation corridors, both beneath public roadways and along transmission line corridors where power lines stand today. The project will also build an additional 32 miles of new transportation corridor in the North Country on land that was purchased or leased by willing landowners. This improved route strikes a balance between avoiding and minimizing potential impacts to scenic landscapes and providing unique economic and clean energy benefits to New Hampshire.

By providing access to a new source of reliable energy, Northern Pass will help meet the region’s increasing demand for power while substantially decreasing carbon emissions by up to 3.2 million tons a year. Northern Pass and the Forward NH plan will also bring many other exclusive benefits to New Hampshire. Among these benefits are:

  • 2,600 new jobs during construction
  • $62 million annual energy cost savings for New Hampshire consumers
  • $30 million in additional state and local tax revenue annually
  • 5,000 acres dedicated for preservation, recreational activities, and other mixed uses that are important to the North Country's future
  • The $200 million Forward NH Fund will provide support for economic development programs, clean energy innovations, and programs to grow jobs and support tourism