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Across New Hampshire, people are calling for cleaner,
more reliable sources of power for our regional electric grid.

Why Northern Pass?

The Northern Pass has spoken to hundreds of people across the state about the benefits of this clean energy project. But we're not the only ones who believe The Northern Pass will help our state's economy while securing a cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy future. See below for business leaders, opinion makers and New Hampshire residents speaking about the Northern Pass and sharing why they support this project. We encourage you to hear what they have to say, to continue to learn more about the project and the regional need for newer sources of electricity, and to actively participate in the energy discussion.

New Hampshire Voices
Sharing Their Thoughts on The Northern Pass

Many local residents have shared with us their perspective on the project and the many benefits it will bring.

Support for Northern Pass

Michael Van Natta sees a lot of upside when it comes to Northern Pass. Stabilizing energy costs, underground lines reducing potential view impacts, and funding for communities in New Hampshire. “The benefits package that's going to communities, if you want to support New Hampshire, you should support it. It’s money coming in to these communities that don't have a lot of funding.”

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