Social Media Terms of Use

It is best to approach the online world in the same way we do the physical one – by using sound judgment and common sense. To that end, when online:

  • Treat other participants with respect;
  • Do not engage in any form of harassment or discrimination;
  • Know that what you post will be read by others so do not discuss or disclose proprietary or confidential information; and
  • Behave ethically at all times.

You ("you" and "your") agree to comply with these Social Media Terms of Use when using the social media services, including blogs, wikis or any other form of user-generated media ("social media") provided by Northern Pass ("NP", "we" or "us"):

Social Media Content and Your Use of Social Media

1. You write it, you are responsible for it. When you choose to post your opinions via social media, you agree that you are legally responsible for your commentary and anything that you post as well as your use of the social media and any outcomes or consequences of your use. Be aware you may be personally liable for posting information that is or may be perceived to be defamatory, obscene, inaccurate or incomplete, confidential or proprietary, whether pertaining to you or to other individuals, or any other company or organization. Be first to respond to your own mistakes. If you make an error, be up front about your mistake and correct it quickly.

2. What you post is visible and accessible to everyone. When you publish content or information, it means that you are allowing everyone, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you.

3. Exercise sound judgment when posting information. You agree to not engage in the following:

  • derogatory remarks or characterizations, including criticism of individuals;
  • misinformation, exaggerations or speculations;
  • obscenity;
  • posting sensitive or confidential information of yourself or others; or
  • use of copyrighted materials that you do not have permission to use, including our trademarks and copyrights.

4. Usage Rights. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to use the content that you post on Northern Pass social media. This license ends when you delete your content, unless your content has been shared with others and they have not also deleted it.

5. Do not violate others' rights or laws. You agree that you will not post content or take any action on social media that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law. If you collect information from other social media participants, you will: obtain their consent, make it clear that you (and not Northern Pass) are the one collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it.

6. Keep your access information secure and confidential: You are responsible for the security and confidentiality of any user name and password that you use to access the services and agree not to disclose it to anyone else.

7. Comply with laws. You agree to comply with all laws, regulations and requirements applicable to your use of the social media.

8. Northern Pass Privacy Policy. As a condition of using the social media, you agree to the terms of the Northern Pass Privacy Statement.

Our Rights and Disclaimer

  1. We are not responsible for the accuracy, security or integrity of any information that you post or that is posted by others.
  2. We always appreciate your comments, feedback or other suggestions, but you understand that we may use them in compliance with our Privacy Statement and are under no obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).
  3. We may, in our sole discretion, not post or may remove any content or information you submit to be posted on Northern Pass social media if we believe that it violates these Social Media Terms of Use.
  4. We may, in our sole discretion, terminate, restrict or block your access to Northern Pass social media if we believe that your conduct violates these Social Media Terms of Use.